Protecting Your Home
From Outside Invaders

Eyring Pest was founded in the fall of 2019, by veteran pest professional, Spencer Eyring. After years of experience in the pest control industry, Spencer realized that he could offer a better, more personal service, on his own. Hence, the creation of Eyring Pest. It was my task to put Eyring Pest on the map. Within a few months from it’s launch, has seen nothing but success. This is the story of how I took Eyring Pest from the streets, to the internet.

Over 50% of site viewers called to make an appointment.

Eyring Pest has been searched over 600 times

Customer Base grew over 500%

5/5 star reviews on google


Pest Control, Marketing, Advertising


Establish a brand identity based on company values while integrating it throughout the entire product line. Design the website with the end goal of making contact via phone or email.

My Role

Project Manager, User Experience Designer, User Interface Designer, User Researcher

Project Time

5 Weeks

visual Design


Primary colors were chosen to create a friendly and inviting look and feel.

Secondary colors were selected to accent and highlight the primary colors. The greys chosen to separate the extreme colors like black or white. The blumine is meant to give a bit of variety while still complementing the primary colors.  










Header 1

Type: PoppinsBold / Size: 25 / Color:
#54595F/ Use: Primary Title

Header 2

Type: PoppinsBold / Size: 50 / Color:
#54595F/ Use: Stand Out Title

Body 1

Type: PoppinsRegular / Size: 18 / Color:
#FFFFFF/ Use: Primary Text Body

Body 2

Type: PoppinsRegular / Size: 16 / Color:
#54595F/ Use: Secondary Text Body


I designed the logo with the intention to look friendly but still have the tough, hardworking look and feel. We chose the grasshopper because it appears to be friendly but is still a pest.

The Foundation

The Big PIcture

The initial launch started with interviewing the founder of Eyring Pest. I wanted to compile all the possible data I could to help me understand the current workflow, users, strengths, weaknesses and constraints. Conducting an interview helped me understand the big picture and set the scope for the project.



Word of Mouth

Simple Process

Door to Door Sales



Online Presence



Social Media

Establishing Brand Identity

My primary focus was to establish a brand identity for Eyring Pest. This was first on my list because knowing the company’s focus allows me to ensure the design encompasses company values as much as possible.

During the client interview, I identified key values that helped me differentiate Eyring Pest from its competitors.


Customer Focused



Tailored Service



“If people believe they share the same values as the company, they stay loyal to the brand”
-Howard Shultz

getting inspired

Lastly, I was able to research other competitors. Studying design trends, marketing strategies, and compiling common design traits across numerous platforms.

Common Traits:

  • Immediate Contact/Pricing call to action
  • Value Statements
  • Process Explanations
  • UI home display, including areas of service
  • Customer reviews
  • Bugs (photos or UI)
  • Background photos of either family fun or pest control

Pick Your Target

The pest control industry can look dirty, gross or even scary sometimes. Many competitors use these tactics to their advantage. We both decided to take a completely different approach. We wanted the product to feel welcoming, warm, and personal. This strategy was chosen based on our target audience. 

I worked with the client to configure a persona that represents the average consumer. This helped me scope in on the targeted audience to better design the product specifically for their needs.

Deeper Insights

Defining Success

In order to reach my destination, I needed to define what that is. How can my efforts be considered successful? My goal was to increase overall business. More specifically, have a high percentage of site visitors contact Eyring Pest. 

To visualize that goal, I had to break down the process from the beginning to end. Understanding the user’s complete experience, from discovery to end goal.


Before I started designing, I wanted to understand all the different trajectories a user can take when using the site. This helped me focus on the important pages, build a framework and start coming up with design ideas.

We decided on 5 total pages for the site. Our primary goal is to have the users contact Eyring Pest. Each page is designed to help users better understand the value behind the service. There will be some linking between pages but the main objective will always lead to making contact.

Page Brainstorm

Understanding the purpose of each page helped me design each one individually. This allowed me to come up with not only page layout but also the features included. This is really where I was able to brainstorm ideas and lightly test them with simple and basic design concepts.



Now that I’ve built a framework, understood the user’s goal, and studied the competition, I am able to now start prototyping.

The landing page is the #1 most important piece of the product. It is your companies first impression and will determine whether the users stay on the site or not. My primary focus was to make the home page as inviting and engaging as possible.

I decided to keep the initial landing page viewport extremely minimal. I included the logo, menu, a quote and “Get Pricing” button. Depending on the screen size, it includes the “Common Pests” UI that helps give a creepy crawly but still cute feel to the site. That way any user will know exactly what Eyring Pest is all about.

The most crucial feature on the landing page is the call to action button. Eyring Pest’s primary objective was to make contact with the users. We purposely chose not to list rates online due Eyring Pest’s tailored protection plan structure.

Home Page Low Fidelity

Perfecting The Landing

Understanding that the home page is like a sales pitch, I wanted to optimize it as much as possible. I did want to leave leads to the rest of the website but the primary goal was to get the users to contact Eyring Pest.

I decided to start with a mission statement to help potential customers see the focus of Eyring Pest and see the company values upfront. Afterwards, I included 3 value statements with a customer review carousel. This shows immediate proof that Eyring Pest means business. They have values and real customers are noticing them.

Eyring Pest’s focus is going above and beyond for their customers and the best way to show that was to highlight their process. I designed a home diagram UI that allows the users to visualize each step of the process, beginning to end.

Our Process


Sweeping down webs and wasp nests keeps bugs from dropping into your home.


A 3ft foundation treatment protects cracks that bugs use as entryways in and out of your house.


Granulation and spot treatment of the lawn takes care of pests at the source, eliminating nesting and breeding sites.


For more stubborn pests, interior treatments are available upon request.

Eyring Pest Process

Making Contact

From User To Customer

I wanted the browsing experience to feel natural and not forced. The site is designed to allow users to familiarize themselves with Eyring Pest and understand the value of their service, while clearly understanding the end goal. 

The entire site is filled with subtle call to action buttons but the more aggressive ones are on the top and the bottom of each page. The purpose of this is to fit the needs of each user. Many users may be browsing for the first time, so having a call to action on the bottom will filter more first-time users to the contact page. Current customers or users that prefer personal interaction may want to make immediate contact, therefore having the call to action right on top fulfills their need.


Call, text, or email us if you have any questions about the service


Schedule an appointment to have a licensed professional reach out & start the process


Relax at home while we perform the service. No need to leave

Many users prefer to speak on the phone, others gravitate towards email or texts. Based on modern data, the targeted audience can go both ways. I gave the users the option to fill out a contact form, send a text, call, or email, all in an organized matter, using simple UI design. This way, users that prefer to make immediate contact may do so, while users who aren’t in a rush to get more information can send over questions or request contact.

Eyring Pest’s approach was to use the site as a gateway for new users to make contact. We want to also sell the brand and the service but the true sales will be handled by the professionals over the phone and in person. 

Contact Pop Up

The Launch


“Austin will be an integral part of Eyring Pest for the long haul. His creativity along with his excellent communication cannot be matched. Right out the gate, he took the time to really understand what we wanted to become as a business and made our vision become a reality. He took our ideas and made them better than we could imagine. If you want someone who is dialed in, artsy as hell, and technically sound, look no further.”

-Spencer Eyring, Founder of Eyring Pest


Using Google Analytics, I was able to track and follow the site’s data. In the course of a few months, has shown very promising results. 

Eyring Pest has been searched over 600 times

Over 50% of site viewers called to make an appointment.

Customer Base grew over 500%

5/5 star reviews on google

Needless to say, the site was a complete success. Eyring Pest is on the map and now has a thriving online presence. 


Looking back over the past few months, this project really helped me understand how good communication and collaboration can really save you and the client so much time. I experimented with in-person conversation, zoom meetings, text and call. I found that the best way to communicate with clients is to set proper expectations early while also identifying the clients pain points. 

My largest constraint was I ran into was lack of content. With smaller companies like Eyring Pest there are only a few contacts that were in charge of design approval and copywrite. Without having roles within the business dedicated to provide content, a lot of the extra work fell upon me. If I set better expectations ahead of time, the process would have been much smoother. I can copywrite pretty well but when it comes to knowing everything about pest control, that’s where I fall short.


Next Project

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